INSANITY Old Time Radio EP3 – SUSPENSE: Back For Christmas

Welcome to the first episode of INSANITY: Old Time Radio where we take classic old time radio programs from the horror/thriller/suspense/scifi genres and host them like we would a regular television show.

Tis the season….so this episode of INSANITY: Old Time Radio join Mr. Maniacal and Hubert as they host a Christmas episode of SUSPENSE! titled “Back For Christmas” featuring Peter Lorre. Originally aired December 23, 1943 this episode is not your typical Christmas story.

“Back For Christmas”. Sponsored by: Roma Wines. A meek British botany professor plans a “Devil’s Garden” in the basement; a grave for his henpecking wife! The story was produced on “Suspense” again on December 23, 1948 as “Holiday Story” and on December 23, 1956. In a week Hubert and his wife Hermionie are going on a trip to America but not for long, they will be back for Christmas. Hubert is a henpecked husband and when his bossy wife finds him digging up the floor in the cellar to plant his devils garden she complains at him vehemently. Soon after he meets a kind lady in a bookshop who assumes he is a widower and the idea of being a widower plants thoughts of murder in his mind.

A Christmas gift from us to you! Enjoy!

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