That Mad Max: Fury Road Black and Chrome Edition is Finally Coming

Back when George Miller’s apocalyptic masterpiece, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, was released, there were rumblings that the director had intended it to be a black and white film. Shortly after, there were whispers of a black and white version getting released on disc. And then… nothing.

mad-max-fury-road-black-and-whiteThis was well over a year ago and creeps, like myself, who wanted that version have since given up on it and just turned the color off on our TV sets to get an idea of what that colorless version would’ve looked like. Hint: It still looks amazing!

Well, this past weekend, word dropped from Warner Bros. that the ‘Black and Chrome’ edition is finally dropping. Better yet, disc collectors have multiple ways to get it. The biggest is the new ‘Mad Max: Fury Road High Octane Edition’ coming to both Blu-Ray and DVD (priced $79.99 and $54.97 respectively). This is a collected edition including all four Mad Max movies so far. So yes, creeps, you get ‘Mad Max’, ‘The Road Warrior’, ‘Beyond Thunderdome’, ‘Fury Road’, AND the new ‘Black and Chrome Edition’ of ‘Fury Road’ all in one nice package! I’m all over this one!

For those who don’t want to buy all of these movies yet again, in addition to the uber-pack collection, Warner Brothers is also releasing just the ‘Black and Chrome Edition’ on Blu-Ray by itself for $29.98. No word yet on if there is a DVD standalone.

The ‘High Octane Edition’ collection and the ‘Black and Chrome’ stand alone both release to stores on December 6, 2016… just in time for someone to buy me that big set for the holiday!

Stay creepy!

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