“Use My Body To Keep You Alive” Bite Me Betty Sinks Her Teeth Into Eerie Late Night Horror

“Slithering Succubus”

Oh my darlings, my precious little snack sized poppets…  Something delightfully wicked has happened.  Bite Me Betty has joined the undead ranks on the Eerie Late Night Horror Blog.

“Haunting the Ohio State Reformatory”

The late lady of the night turned slithering succubus, Bite Me Betty is no stranger to the darkness, and she can’t wait to share her deliciously devious thoughts with you.   Any given night she may be tucked away terrifying herself with a freshly penned tome, slaying legions of undead via some magical blinking box or bleeding out through her ears to some new cacophonous radio frequency designed to delight and dement.  Such sweet torment she aims to offer up for the sake of your entertainment.

“Mundane Me”

A sly smile may occasionally betray her resting bitch face, as her love of writing takes center stage. Bite Me Betty is a veteran haunt actress, self-proclaimed geek, published blogger, aspiring author, amateur photographer and occasional SFX Makeup Artist.  When she’s not writing, she may be found prowling the depths or the forest in search of higher truths, adventuring into freezing cold lakes to understand the nature of human survival instincts or simply existing in reality where she works a mundane job and pays her bills.  You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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