Eerie Late Night Horror Channel Disclaimer

The Eerie Late Night Horror Channel strives to give you the best in entertainment and interactivity possible though our channel, website, blog, and forums. First and foremost we love the genre and want to do our best to represent the genre in a professional and honorable fashion. To help achieve this goal we carefully hand picked our team of contributors and hosts and those we have chosen we consider family. However we give the hosts and contributors a wide range of freedom to produce their content and although we feel generally the content they produce fits our high level of standards it is still the content and opinions of the hosts and contributors themselves.

We do our best to screen every host’s show we air on The Eerie Late Night Horror Channel, but it is difficult to track everything. It is through this level of trust we put into our hand selected hosts we hope to maintain the quality we are trying to achieve in our final product. However we at The Eerie Late Night Horror Channel are not responsible for the content displayed in the shows or in our blog and forums. The views and opinions expressed are solely that of the hosts and contributors. If you find any issues such as copyright violations, strongly offensive material, hate or violence encouraging speech, etc. please do not hesitate to contact us so we can pull the material as quickly as possible. We also encourage you to contact the host/producers directly. It is our intention to create an environment suitable for all ages, but we are only human and at times we can not catch everything that is in the middle of shows or placed in our blogs and forums.

In the every changing world of copyrighted material with no clear cut list on what is public domain and what is not no one is a definite expert on what is protected and what is not. We do our best to assure that all the material and movies used in the hosts shows do not violate any copyright or trademark laws. We assume no responsibility for any copyright or trademark infringement in the individual shows. Any infringement should be brought to our attention so we can pull the programming, but can not be held responsible since all host shows that are in our lineup are owned by the hosts/producers themselves.

We hope that you find our network entertaining and enjoyable and by working together we can build a community for hosts and fans to unite.

The names Eerie Late Night Horror Channel, Eerie Late Night Graveyard, website, artwork, etc. are owned by the Eerie Late Night Network and cannot be used or reproduced without written consent from the owners. Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved.