Host Submission Guidelines


The Eerie Late Night Horror Channel believes that the horror hosts are the core of our network. Our goal is to promote the genre in a positive way to help promote and expose all the hosts to a wider audience. That is why it was important to us not to just launch another streaming channel, but to create a network hub that can be accessed on as many devices and ways possible. Although we have a strong core group of hosts in our lineup we are always looking for more.

Because of the wider reach our channel will have we understand that the demographics we are opening ourselves up to will be wider as well. So we have put together some guidelines as to what we are looking for in new hosts. If you are a host that would like to be considered for our lineup below are a few guidelines of what we are looking for. If you feel your show meets these expectations then steps in submitting a show for review are at the bottom of this page.

Horror Host Show Guidelines


    • We want to create a family friendly environment with our lineup. We understand and know that younger audiences will be watching our channel stream. Because of that we want to keep all of our shows suitable for all ages. What rating would you give your show? Think of it as a movie rating system. We are looking for shows that would be considered rated PG-13 or below generally. We understand the unwritten tradition horror hosting has of pushing limits and will review each show by all hosts that we show or will consider and individually judge each episode. Shows that we consider push limits but are still suitable for our network will be shown in later timeslots. Shows must not under any circumstances contain any material with negative/hateful remarks or innuendos (racist, bigoted, sexual remarks etc.), nudity, sexual content, swearing, or anything that is generally considered inappropriate. We reserve the right to deny or pull any show from our lineup that will continuously go over an average pg-13 rating.


    • All movies, music, and material in the shows must be PUBLIC DOMAIN and FREE USE unless written permission is obtained. If the shows do contain any material that we feel violates any copyright laws we reserve the right to demand to see any written law binding agreements that prove the material can be used by the host and/or show. However we as the network and individual owners of the channel are not legally responsible for any copyright violations that we may miss in our screenings. The individual shows are owned by the hosts and/or producers of the show and they accept full responsibility of the materials within. The views and opinions in the individual shows are that of the hosts/writers/producers and not that of The Eerie Late Night Horror Channel. We as a network reserve the right to pull any show at any time that may violate this and any of these other guidelines.


    • Because of our channel’s wide reach to new audiences we are looking for a specific level of quality in the show both technically and creatively. In short we will not just accept anyone into our lineup because they produce a show. However that doesn’t mean your show needs to be produced by an army of industry professionals either. New hosts will be reviewed by everyone on our team and evaluated for quality and entertainment values. We do this for one reason only and that is to show in our lineup the best hosts in the industry. It would be unfair to the other hosts to add to our lineup a show that does not meet the same standards of quality and creativity. By carefully evaluating all shows and being in agreement that it reaches our standards of quality and creativity we create a lineup that will keep viewers coming back thus allowing them to see both established and new hosts in a positive light.


    • We also look for shows of various formats and time length. On average the shows containing movies are 2 hours in length. For scheduling purposes we ask that shows containing movies do their best in meeting that 2 hour mark. This not only helps with scheduling it creates a stream that flows well like your traditional television station. Some great hosts out there do specials and unique shows of shorter than the average 2 hour time slot that are quite good. An example is a show that will review trailers and movies. Not all shows have to be horror hosted movies. However they do need to fit in with the quality and creativity guidelines we judge the other shows with. As far as time length goes again scheduling and programming is quite involved. In order to keep the channel running on time often filler needs to be used to round it out to the closest 30 minute mark. One show that is off could throw off an entire day’s schedule on the stream as well as adds extra time and in some cases last minute searching for filler that will cause a delay. Imagine editing your show and needing 17 mins and 30 secs worth a material just to finish it. We ask and encourage all of you to do your best to have the full run-time of your shows hit those marks. This will make things easier for everyone and will help the stream itself look more professional and appealing to the viewers. Also for streaming purposes an MP4 file format with a file size as small as possible without sacrificing quality is preferred.


    • Ultimately we are a business and there are other channels out there. We know this. We also understand how difficult it is for the individual horror hosts and the desire to get your material out there. However we feel we are unique in what we have created here. We are the first horror hosting channel that crosses multiple platforms with online, mobile/smart devices, and ROKU viewing. We have also created an extensive network that keeps the viewers engaged. Because of all of this you the host will get as much exposure as possible. Exclusive and limited content is encouraged, but not required. If the market becomes over-saturated all the channels that currently exist out there will suffer thus the host’s exposure will suffer as well. We will reserve the prime timeslots for host shows that are willing to work with us in keeping their shows exclusive or to first runs in order to make each showing an event that will be a “must-see” by the viewing audience. We are also looking for exclusive content specifically done for our channel or shows that are not seen on any other channel.  Contact us further for details on the type of exclusive shows we are looking for.


We hope we have outlined as best as possible the guidelines of what we are looking for. If you feel your show will be a perfect fit with the Eerie Late Night line-up then please contact us by email at or by simply filling out the form below. If you wish to send us a show you can do so by providing a link or using a service like WeTransfer to send your files to us at the address. Thank you for your interest and good luck on your submissions.