Cabin Fever Revisited – Review

Earlier this year Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever,a cult favorite with modern horror fans, was rebooted for one reason or another. The popular answer as to why seems to be in an attempt to reboot the series with a new audience. After all the original has been out for a very long time…15 years to be exact (yes folks that’s sarcasm). Personally I don’t think that is too long in movie years, but who am I to say. Anyhow they felt it was time to reboot the series and they went in a slightly new direction. A direction that ultimately failed them.

CabinFeverRemakeMainThe story is basically the same. A group of young adults for up to a secluded cabin in the middle of God knows where to “party”only to be exposed to a deadly flesh eating bacteria that of course lurks in the water supply.

Even though the story remains similar, and the gore FX is rather good the most shocking part of this movie is the fact it was made in the first place. It was almost scene for scene…event for event…with some minor changes and a few major ones as well.

Spoiler alert for those that care…

The most disappointing change is the famous deputy from that movie. In the original he was a modern day Barney Fife…road his beat on a bicycle and loved to “party”. He was known as The Party Man. Well the Party Man became the Party Woman and honestly she was horrible. I don’t know if she had big shoes to fill, or her part was just poorly written, or she was just a bad actress. Who knows. All I know is it was terrible. That was the one role they should of kept the same even going as far as bringing back the original actor. That would have made a good connection for fans of the original Cabin Fever linking both movies together for everyone.

Honestly save yourself your time and money and avoid this one at all costs. There is nothing to justify watching it! If you really want to see a good movie about a flesh eating bacteria killing people camping in a cabin in the woods revisit the original. If you have seen this one and not the first…do yourself a big favor and watch the original. It may be 15 years ancient, but well worth watching. Again AVOID THIS CRAP at all costs!

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