Don’t Look In The Basement 2 – Review

Well now this was interesting. The PD cult classic film Don’t Look In The Basement which came out in 1973 now has a sequel simply called Don’t Look In The Basement 2 which came out this April. Unfortunately it took me awhile to see this one. This is not a reboot nor a remake of the original movie, but instead it continues the saga that started in Stephens Sanitarium almost 40 years ago. Honestly this film wasn’t that bad of a movie. A short spoiler free review I would give is that it was a decent film with a good cast and a consistent storyline. So parts needed work and the ending was sort of anti-climatic…you saw it coming quick…but overall it accomplishes it’s goal to give this somewhat forgotten 70’s horror flick a new chapter.


The official storyline of Don’t Look In The Basement 2 is as follows:

Forty years after the patients and doctors of the Stephens Sanitarium were murdered, the only survivor returns and finds the ghosts of the past have not been resting peacefully.


Sam who survived the crazed Doctor’s experiments in the first one returns to the nut house only to be haunted by the past. He is surrounded by one familiar face from the past and a whole new set of loonies and caregivers. Of course once he returns bad things begin to happen of either a supernatural cause or just that of cracked psyches.

I don’t mean to make light of the movie I really did enjoy it for what it was worth. It is interesting that they took a movie in the public domain and decided to build off of it. The main doctor played by Andrew Sensenig and the two orderlies steal the show bringing some decent scenes into this potentially bad film. It wasn’t just these three that make the movie although they help. The entire cast was actually pretty good in the movie especially the patients. It’s not easy to play crazy and in horror movies it is often done in campy ways. The mentally ill in this movie were actually performed very well. As far as acting goes it is the two supporting doctors and the “dragon lady” that were really non-existent with their performances.

Continuing a b-movie story originally done in 1973 is risky to say the least. The average movie watcher might look at the movie and ask what was Don’t Look In The Basement 1? Others that know the cult classic might ask why make a sequel. It was a risk and for the most part it paid off.

Don’t get me wrong this movie is worth seeing at some point. Would I tell you to go out and see it right away? No because it isn’t that good. However if you are looking for something new and a bit different than the typical hollywood horror garbage spewed forth nowadays check this one out!

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