Eerie Late Night Radio Show Episode 26 – Baron Von Crypt

Mr. Maniacal, The Bone Jangler and Halloween Jack welcome Horror Host Baron Von Crypt! The Baron plied his trade on KDNL channel 30 in St. Louis, Missouri five nights a week during the early to mid  70’s. At first we thought all that was left was the memories of those fortunate enough to see the show and a 17 minute montage on Youtube. But through the efforts of Timexx Seabaugh, whole shows were unearthed and the Baron can now be seen regularly on the Eerie Late Night Horror Channel! The Baron had an often unseen sidekick named Igor and in true Horror Host tradition, the show was filled with bad one-liners and bad puns. In his first interview in 40 years, The Baron will talk about his Horror Host roots and entertain us with stories of his career.

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