Have You Been Watching THE EXORCIST? You Should!

Well we hit that point in The Exorcist series…the mid-season break for the holidays with it returning I believe December 29th. Have you been watching it? If not you really should be. It’s more than a story of a priest battling a demon inside a person…in fact to me that is the secondary story here. I’m trying to write a review here for the first part of the series in order to convince those that haven’t given it a shot so they will begin to watch the series. Because of that I will keep this as spoiler free as possible…however you are warned some minor details must come out.

Yes I consider what started out as the main story-line now a secondary story-line intertwined with telling a much larger and compelling story. Now there is mystery and suspense and a story that makes us search for clues and connect the dots in very interesting ways. It reminds me in format at least of how Hannibal was. Hannibal and Graham were always a secondary story-line…a running theme that kept everything together and moving. That is what we have here with the demon possession and exorcism itself. It binds it all together and keeps it going. It uses that story to unveil what will be coming next.

Both diehard Exorcist fans and new ones will love this series. There is enough there….especially in Chapter 5….that connects the old fans to the new. For me the end of Chapter 5 was on of those TV moments where I looked at the TV and said “No F*#@&ing Way”.

The casting has been spot on. Everyone especially Gina Davis has shined in their roles. My personal favorite is the rough around the edges I don’t give a shit Exorcist that really hooked me to the series in the first place.

I find it very difficult to write enough to convince you to watch this series without going into specifics that will spoil it for you. It is hands down THE BEST horror/thriller show on TV now and ranks easily in the top 5 of all time! So search your on demand channels or online. If you have missed this show find it…watch it…and when the season is over we will meet back here and talk the awesome specifics that have unfolded in this series.

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