Mansfield’s Paranormal Penitentiary

Well with the way this summer has gone for many of us in the United States it’s a safe bet that those of us that are wired for fall and the Halloween season we can’t wait. Although the Eerie Late Night Horror Channel will be celebrating it’s debut all October long that doesn’t mean we are not waiting for other events to happen like haunted attractions. Ohio was once the mecca in the Northeast for Haunted Attractions, but the years haven’t been kind to us. Many good haunts still remain, but some of our long running favorites are long gone. 90% of the new ones that start up fail within a handful of seasons, and those of us addicted to haunted attractions in Ohio are desperately looking for something new and exciting to take hold. It looks like this is happening with Robert Kurtzman’s Paranormal Penitentiary located in the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio.


Robert Kurtzman is no stranger to all things horror including haunted attractions. Yes we are talking about the same FX legend himself. Krutzman, who was once the “K” in KNB, originators behind some of the best special FX in the movie industry ever, who some years back came home to Crestline, Ohio. There he established his Precinct 13 studios and it was only a matter of time before he used his vision and talents along with his crew to build their own haunt. Three years ago he did just that by opening Robert Kurtzman’s Mad FX Lab in the back lot of his FX studio in Crestline. It was a success, and as a freelance haunter for some time now I have to say one of the best haunts I have ever worked in. The crew, the actors, and the customers were awesome…trust me it’s hard to find someplace where all three mesh well. The look of the place was amazing and improved year after year.

Now in 2016 Robert Kurtzman and his haunting crew have taken over the Ohio State Reformatory…a historical prison that once even housed Charles Manson on a prisoner transfer layover and has been used in several movies. Their website states…

Prepare to sink into the depths of depravity and
despair this Halloween as you enter
the Gothic structure of the haunted
Ohio State Reformatory.
Only the fortunate few will survive the onslaught from the demented mind of Hollywood special FX master,
Robert Kurtzman. 
Fear for your life as you traverse the dark corridors, subterranean depths and flesh-eating creatures that await you. Scream in terror and pray for a way out as the beasts within stalk you through the night.
Paranormal Penitentiary : Monster Lockdown…
Enter if you dare!
Thursdays through Sundays
September 23 – October 30, 2016

I can assure you witnessing this crews work firsthand being honored to guest act with them you don’t want to miss this show. If you follow them on Facebook you will see some of the creations that are designed to scare the living hell out of you firsthand as they are created. So this October make plans to visit the Paranormal Penitentiary.

Visit the on Facebook or their Website for more information.

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