Tears in Clowntown

Time to plan a visit to Clowntown. No not the amusement park in London, England. We are talking about a new horror movie making some noise now leading up to it’s release in September 30, 2016. Before we say anything else just watch the trailer:

There doesn’t seem to be anything funny about this group of clowns! Trust me there isn’t! Clowntown seems to be one of these good horror flicks that come from the independent market and under the radar. Now honestly we cannot pass true judgement until the film is seen, but so far the trailer and the cast and crew of Clowntown promise to give us a good horrific show!

The film is about a group of friends get stranded in a seemingly abandoned town and find themselves stalked by a gang of violent psychopaths dressed as clowns. It stars a relatively new cast with Lauren Elsie, Brain Nagel, Andrew Stanton, Katie Keene, and more. Some of you may recognize Maryann Nagel (Welcome to Collinwood), Greg Voiland (Batman v Superman), and Chris Hahn (former WWE wrestler and from Axe Giant)…although you have to look closely under the clown makeup for Hahn. Special FX nuts might recognize Dave Greathouse and Beki Ingram from their Faceoff days. They both play clowns…creepy ones at that. The special FX was also overseen by FX legend Robert Kurtzman.

The about section on their website states:

CLOWNTOWN is the first feature from director Tom Nagel.  Writer/Producer Jeff Miller has done nine previous features.  Nagel had worked as an actor on two of Miller’s films, JOLLY ROGER: MASSACRE AT CUTTER’S COVE (which Miller created and co-wrote) and THE BURNING DEAD.  Miller was impressed with the short films “The Retrieval” and “Relentless” that Tom had directed, and the two decided to team up to make a feature.  Tom’s brother, Brian, an accomplished actor, model, and producing partner with his brother, agreed to help produce and play the lead.  Friends of the Nagels, Christopher Lawrence Chapman (a filmmaker in his own right) and businessman Ronnie D. Lee, came aboard to help executive produce.  The Nagels’ cousin, Ryan Pilz, became Production Designer and First Assistant Director.  Ken Stachnik came aboard as Director of Photography.

CLOWNTOWN was shot in May 2015 in Crestline, Cleveland, and Westlake, OH.  For the Crestline portion of the shoot, the production based out of Robert Kurtzman’s P13 Entertainment, the noted FX shop that Miller had partnered with for his previous film AXE GIANT: THE WRATH OF PAUL BUNYAN.  David “House” Greathouse, a veteran of Syfy’s “Face/Off,” handled the bulk of makeup FX and played one of the killer clowns.  Former wrestler Chris Hahn (who played the title role in AXE GIANT) played a menacing brute of a clown.  Several other talented actors and FX artists at P13 helped the movie come to fruition.

The release date listed in the US is September 30th. Honestly folks I think this will be one to watch out for…I mean who does’t love a clown!


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